What They Don't Tell You When You Pay for an Essay Online

Life is full of risks and disappointments. When you take a risk and fail it is not as frustrating as to fail when you do not expect anything bad to happen. One of the reasons why students choose not to pay for essay writing online is the lack of trust. If you've had an unpleasant experience of buying content on the web and regret doing so, you will probably never do it again. The risks of choosing the wrong company that will not be able to solve your problems are high. You can get nothing and lose your money. What to do to avoid this kind of situations? You can check several things before choosing a company that can guide you through the despairs of studying. If you go through the process step by step, you will minimize the risks of getting something you are not happy with as the final result. Meanwhile, here are the major benefits of our company.

No pitfalls

We are honest with our clients and do not have any secrets in terms of pricing or guarantees. Our service has a transparent approach to doing business. You know exactly what the price of your order will be before making a payment. We make sure you do not receive any unpleasant surprises during our cooperation.

International team of writers

All of our writers have a good command of the English language and pass several stages of our application process to demonstrate their skills. Our experts come from different parts of the world and have exceptional writing skills. You will get a unique perspective from them if you decide to use their help.

Speed that will amaze you

You will never be late again in terms of submitting your essay if you use our service. Our writers can help you with the most urgent orders. They know where to quickly find the necessary facts and quotes to make your essay shine. You will definitely know what you'll get when you pay for essays service.

Finding the Truth

The world of business is a cruel place. Every player on the market tries to come up with new strategies of overcoming the competitors. Sometimes companies play fair games and sometimes they don't. We do not mind when the targets of these unfair games are other businesses but not the clients. Because of the unpleasant experience clients can end up having a wrong attitude towards the whole industry. that is why we want you to be careful when choosing a service to pay for college essays.

Here you'll find some strategies others might use and the ones you should be aware of when searching through the web. Before you read them there is one thing worth mentioning. When you are aware of these pitfalls, you can test the loyalty and responsibility of services. Our service is aimed at minimizing your risks and you can see that. If you want to order a massive essay at a service you have never used, order a simple one first. Give that company a test drive and decide if it meets your expectations.

  • Hidden payments

    Read all the policies carefully before placing an order. Check if there is a way to know what the final price is before you agree on the terms. There are cases when companies come up with additional services that should be included in the final price but they are not and ask clients to make additional payments. At CustomWritingService.com, you can clearly see the price and free options we provide our clients with like a bibliography page, for example.

  • Insecure payment methods

    Before you commit to one of the writing services, check if it offers any options of secure payment. The company itself might have nothing to do with the problems you might encounter during the payment process. Therefore, make sure your money reaches the destination without any fraud shady plots. At our service, you can pay with a credit card within seconds. It is safe and easy.

  • The reviews might be fake

    As a rule, when you visit a company's website you can find the comments of other clients. The problem with them is that they are not always authentic and real. Sometimes companies post copied comments to create the reputation of trustworthy and popular service. How can you tell which comments are real? Check the wording in Google. You can also use your intuition, ask friends to recommend you a service they've used before, or take the risk and test that service yourself.

  • Writers are not as good as they should be

    The power of marketing is strong and companies use long and credible descriptions of their writers' talents. Nevertheless, not all of those praises can be truthful. You might come across the expert with poor writing skills and get a disappointing result. To spare your trouble, our company offers you to look at the samples of any writer's previous papers and decide if they meet your requirements. You can ask us to change your writer and we will be happy to do it.

Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Use CustomWritingService.com

After reading all of these scary things about companies fulling their clients, you might be scared of using all online services. You should not deprive yourself of the luxury of having some extra time while the qualified writers will be taking care of your assignments. Just be attentive to the little details and know which points to look at when making a choice whom to pay for an essay. These are the reasons why our service is nothing but helpful and harmless.

No dangers

Our guarantees are not fictional, they are real. You can get a full refund if you change your mind, ask for another writer, and stop worrying about your personal information. We guarantee you total confidentiality. Our support team will never leave you one on one with your questions. You are in good hands.

Real testimonies

You can post your own comment and see if it appears on our website or not. We can assure you that it will. We also do not copy any testimonies from other resources, they are real and unique. we value the feedback from our customers and use it as a guide for improvement.


We have more than seven years of business practice. The company was not born yesterday and we know how things work. It is safe for you to rely on our expertise and let us assist you. We have earned the reputation of a trustworthy company and never let our clients down no matter how sophisticated their requests may be.


We enjoy what we do. You might think that it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of our company but it does. Our writers are not exhausted by creating the content they do not like as it happens with others. They are fond of new challenges and always do their best to simplify the lives of our clients. Our company is a safe choice to pay to write essays because we aspire to perfection.