Write My Essay for Me: Are all the Services the Same?

"There is an impressive number of companies that can help me write my essay. Is there any difference between them except for their names?" If this is the question you've been asking yourself, you will find the answer after reading this article. Indeed, the competition between the companies is tough because of the fact that there are so many of them. When you start searching the web to find a trustworthy service, you are going to be bombarded with hundreds of options. Which one to choose? To make the right decision is not easy. Here are just three of many more features a reliable company should have.

Plan B

A reputable company should have a plan B in case something goes wrong and the clients do not get what they need. In other words, this company needs to offer at least some guarantees to you. Check if you can get a refund and count on getting an original content without a sign of plagiarism. If there are no guarantees, there is no point in using such a service.


How many years has the company been on the market? How old is it? If there is no information about that, the company is probably relatively new and does not have much experience. It is not the best choice for you because you are not aware of the possible flaws the service can have. Customwritingservice.com has over 8 years of experience and solve all of your writing problems.


Is there any information about where the writers come from and what is the process of hiring new employees? Your goal is to make sure there is a procedure that allows the candidates to demonstrate their writing skills. Its presence will guarantee the high quality of the content you will get. Otherwise, you may receive a poorly written essay with lots of drawbacks.

How to Avoid Trouble

All you want to receive from a "write my essay" service is a non-plagiarized content delivered by the deadline. It does not seem like asking the custom writing companies for too much but in reality, only a few of them can meet these expectations. Is there a way to find out which ones of them are worth spending your time on? Probably, not. However, there are things you can pay attention to avoid the most common misfortunes clients experience. The only thing that is not debatable is that it is extremely hard to make a fair evaluation of a company simply by visiting its website. No matter how good it may look and what kind of a user-friendly interface it may have, you can't say that it is a reliable resource before you try using it. Look at some of these options you can use to make a preliminary estimation of the final results you are going to get.

  • Ask for a sample paper

    Most of the services that are confident about the quality of essays their writers deliver offer this option. If you want to get the impression of the essay you are going to get, ask your writer: "Write my essay for me and send me a sample of your previous works".

  • Place a test order

    This option is useful only when your order is not urgent. It is the best way to test a service and decide if it is what you are looking for. Order a simple essay and evaluate the results. Did they deliver it on time? Did the writer do a great job or the essay was poorly written? If the outcome leaves much to be desired, cross that company out of your list and keep looking for a better one.

  • Make your instructions specific

    You share the responsibility of getting the desired results with your writer. If you do not provide the expert with all the necessary information, you will not get the results you are expecting to, obviously. When you've found the website that writes essays for you, include short but specific requirements in an order form.

  • Make sure the payment system is secure

    Transferring money is a stressful process. You can never be sure that everything goes smoothly. To avoid any troubles, check what the available methods of payment are. If you do not find the one that is most suitable for you. you can ask the support team if it really is absent. Customwritingservice.com offers you a wide range of possible option so that you would definitely find the most appropriate one.

  • Ask friends for recommendations

    If you can't decide which company to ask: "Write an essay for me online", ask someone you trust to give you tips. Maybe your friends have used such services before and know which ones are worth trying. The problem with this option is that people usually do not eagerly admit using writing services.

How We Assure Our Clients

We know that it is difficult to win the trust of the clients and earn their loyalty. Customwritingservice.com integrates new and well-known approaches to improve the experience of our customers. Here, you will find many features that are aimed at the minimization of the risks you face when using an online service. When you ask us: "Write my essay cheap", you can count on a solid support during the studies. Apart from the characteristics you see, we are open to hear your suggestions and requests. If it is something we can do, we will do it to put a smile on your face. meanwhile, here are the point for your consideration.


No spelling and grammar mistakes. This is something that can make your essay shine or turn it into a mediocre literary piece. Our editors will proofread your essay to vanish all the typos and misplaces commas. Do not worry, your teacher will be pleasantly surprised with the results of your hard work. No matter how complex the topic of your essay can be.

Getting a refund

You can change your mind and refuse to use our services. In that case, you can ask us for a refund. Note that we can transfer your money back only before you make the final payment to the writer. It is an "event horizon" as astrophysics would call it - the point of no return. So think carefully before releasing the payment. Learn more about the money back guarantee on the website.

Tests for our writers

We ask all of our writers to pass tests and demonstrate their writing skills. We do it so that our clients would not get disappointed by the insufficient experience of our employees. If you think that your writer does not meet your requirements, you can change him/her with another writer. We set no limits when it comes to choosing the right person to help you.


Before the essay you order finds its way to you, our experts not only proofread and edit it but also check the originality of content. We say a definite "No" to plagiarism and encourage our clients to do the same. We use our own plagiarism checkers so that you would get a flawless content. You can check the uniqueness yourself using one of the free or fee-based tools.