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We live in the world of constant competition. People compete with each other to get a better education, a better job, a better life. Companies do the same and try to convince their prospective customers that their products/services are the best on the market. Is it really so, though? Not always, obviously. Some businesses come up with improbable reasons why you should choose them over others. these reasons are supposed to bring the clients some added value but they don't. Our company does not make any empty promises. If we state that our custom essay writers will deliver amazing content to you, we know what we are talking about, for sure. We are so sure about it because do not hire everyone who's willing to join our big team.

Every candidate has to pass a complicated online test based on a textbook by The Oxford University Press. Our goal is to hire an expert who has a good command of English and will be able to meet the expectations of our clients. We also check if the candidates are familiar with the variety of citation styles. Then, they write a sample paper to demonstrate their analytical skills and creativity. We evaluate every single point of the writers' abilities to choose only talented and reliable candidates. Due to the fact that they will have to work under time pressure, we test their abilities to meet deadlines.

The only thing worth mentioning here is how realistic the deadlines are. There is no doubt that you need to get your order as soon as possible. Nonetheless, our writers do not the superpower of stopping the time or exceeding the speed of light. They are skilled human beings but can't do miracles. If you ask them to write 3 pages long essay within half an hour, they will not be able to do it. Although this essay writer service is trying hard to help you in every possible way, there are things that we can't do.

Who? What? When?

In case you have not used Customwritingservice.com before, you might have many questions like: Who are the writers?, What can you expect to get?, When will your order be ready?, etc. Luckily, we have answers to all of them. The first thing we would like you to keep in mind is that no matter what happens, our guarantees will protect you from having a disappointing experience. Even if something goes wrong, you will be able to get a refund or ask for another writer to help you. There are no risks for you when you hire an online paper writer here. Now, let's get back to the frequently asked questions.

How do you know that your writers do not fail?

We know that all the employees in all the areas get lazy and bored from time to time. You might think that due to this statement some of our clients may get poorly written papers. However, we know how to prevent this and make sure our writers are consistent with the quality standards. Our company introduced an effective Quality Control system. We randomly check 3 pages from the papers our writers deliver and make sure they meet the requirements. It is not only a great way of keeping our employees motivated but also a solid reason for our clients to stay calm. That is why we are so sure about the originality and flawlessness of our research paper writer services.

What are your writers good at: writing research papers or writing essays?

Will you believe us if we tell you that our experts are good at everything in terms of academic writing? If you are good at putting your thoughts on paper, it does not matter what kind of paper you need to write. That is why we often stress that the topic of your essay or paper does not matter. Our team will find the relevant evidence and the right words to make any content shine. Here you will find hard-working paper writers for hire with many years of experience.

Is it possible for me to place an order in the middle of the night?

Of course, it is possible. You will not wake anyone up, we assure you. We work around the clock as well as our support team does. We have writers who work day or night shifts. Also, take the time difference into consideration. Our experts come from around the globe. It means that you can be in New York and cooperating with a writer from London. It will be an early morning for him/her, so don't worry.

What is the algorithm of matching me with a writer?

We look at several factors before assigning your order to a writer. Firstly, your writer needs to have enough time to cope with the assignment. Therefore, he or she has to be free from other orders. Secondly, we think it's better for both parties if a writer has some background on your topic. In that way, you will get content full of insights and logical conclusions. Lastly, the experience of the writer we choose plays a dramatic role in this process. The more complex the assignment is, the more experienced writer you are going to need.

What about Pricing?

When we talk about writers, it is inevitable to talk about their remuneration. This is one more factor in keeping them motivated. It is natural that our clients are looking for cheap essay writers to spend less and stay within their budgets. And we understand and respect this approach. Therefore, our company has a policy of affordable prices. You will not overpay when you turn for us. It can sound bold but we have found the perfect balance between motivating the writers and making the prices fair. Writing is hard work and we want the experts to get the amount of money they deserve. At the same time, we want our clients to feel comfortable with the pricing policy. And we think we have managed to find the perfect equilibrium.